Monday, April 16, 2007

Limited Atonement is Heresy

Jerry Falwell's Friday the 13th declaration: Limited atonement is heresy

Last Friday at the "College for a Weekend" emphasis at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, Jerry Falwell preached a chapel message to 1828 prospective new students along with current students, faculty and staff. Under the title of "Our Message, Mission and Vision," Dr. Falwell delcared his purpose to be to communicate who Liberty University is in order to persuade prospective students to matriculate there.

Much of what he said regarding the "message" of Liberty is praiseworthy and ought to be applauded by all Bible believing Christians. When he came to articulating their belief in the "substitutionary atonemement of Jesus Christ for all men," however, he added a statement that I find tragic. Here it is (about 10 minutes or so into the video):

"We are not into partcular love or limited atonement. As a matter of fact we consider it heresy."

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Chris Hinton said...

So they finally broke fellowship.

At least he is honest about his Arminianism.

Justice said...

All I can say is he is nuts! And I hope was not speaking from a prepared speech. And, for the time being will assume he mis-spoke. Although for some reason I think he said exactly what he meant. =/

If Limited Atonement is heresy than the list of heretics is long and distinguished and leads to Heaven.