Thursday, May 10, 2007

Christians VS Atheists - Nightline Video

This debate took place last night between Christians Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron and Atheists "The Rational Response Squad".

Click here to watch the video.


Doug McHone said...


The last sentence in the recording is the most telling. While I applaud the bravery of Comfort/Cameron, I also am saddened that they would volunteer to leave the primary tool given us by God behind. Then they allow the whole thing to become a philosophical circus.

When a Christian brings impossible claims to the table and then neglects to fulfill these claims, we all look stupid. Yes, the Bible says that the world will hate us and I can accept that. But at least let the world hate us for Christ's sake, not because we set ourselves up to fail!

Justice said...


I agree completely - but, from what I understand part of the agreement was that they not use the bible. Or they said they could do it without the bible. One or the other.

I agree with what you said though - when things go from factual to philosophical, logic breaks down and you end up trying to wrestle with jello; it is hard to come out on top in that type of a situation.