Saturday, June 9, 2007

Radio Network Not Comfortable Advertising Female Pastor

A local Christian radio network in Syracuse, N.Y., refuses to advertise a city-wide crusade because a female pastor is scheduled to speak at the event.

The Mars Hill Network's board of directors voted last week not to promote the June 7-8 City Wide Crusade and Conference featuring Pastors Jamal Bryant and Paula White. The all-male board "can't comfortably promote women in the role of pastor," said Wayne Taylor, general manager of the radio network, according to The Post-Standard.

Taylor was alluding to White's participation in the crusade which is expected to draw more than 3,500 people from throughout the northeast region of the country.

“It’s a doctrinal issue,” he said, according to the local newspaper. “It’s not about women preaching. It has to do with a woman taking on a pastor’s role.”

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