Thursday, November 16, 2006

Danny Akin: Biblically-Illiterate SBC Pastors, NOT CALVINISM, is the Problem with the SBC!

On my way to the SC Baptist Convention’s Pastors’ Conference this morning, I couldn’t help but to “prepare myself” for the onslaught of “Calvinist Bashing” that I suspected would take place (a relapse of Greensboro). Yet not one pastor, from the pulpit, bashed Calvinists . . . amazing!!! And, to my surprise, Danny Akin addressed the REAL PROBLEM in the SBC. Dr. Akin was given the topic, “The Pastor as Theologian,” to preach.

This is Akin’s Intro: (all his actual quotes. . . . I was there. . . .I bought the CD. . . . This is acurate.)
Akin: “I run a risk. . . I have been struggling with this all weekend. . . because I realize that some of you will be angry with what I am going to say this afternoon. . . . . Some of you will perhaps think I am being arrogant, prideful and unloving. But I will say to you that I have examined my heart as carefully as I know how. Although I realize the deceitfulness of the human heart.
I have a tremendous burden of the fact that evangelicals. . . .Southern Baptists. . . are in serious, serious trouble. Much of that fault comes from the pulpit with men who are not filling the assignment of being the pastor/teacher, the pastor/theologian.

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Pastor Ryan said...

Amen! amen! He hit the nail on the head. If Scripture is preached by in an expository mannering one cannot help but hold to the doctrines of grace. It really is pride and arrogance not to hold to them.

Pastor Ryan said...

By the way in case you did not know Dr. Akin is my seminary president at Southeastern in case you didn't know.

I can't help but say this makes me smile!