Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Waking Up In America-Updated

If you know me, you know that I am not an overly political person. I do however believe in excercising the right to vote for biblical candidates. I encourage people to vote their biblical convictions from the pulpit, not necessarily a given political party. Yet, I am shocked and saddened at how many people in our churches vote contrary to the truth of the Bible; calling God a liar and stabbing Him in the back with their votes of ungodly candidates. We need to always be people that vote morality over our pocket books, or we have been disobedient to God. Where are those people who care more about God than there own pride, selfish desires and lust of the flesh? I just don't think there are very many of them left anymore in our churches. Maybe these so-called Christians are in the church, but they are really not saved. This day is not as much as a wake-up call for America as it is for the the Church of Jesus Christ to begin taking a stand for Him and voting biblically. The church is doing a great job of sleeping once again.

In my opinion, the Republican Party is the one that is standing correctly in their morals before a just and holy God. I have always been one to vote for the man (in the literal sense) and not for the party. Come on now, where are the Democrats who are morally just, God fearing and Christ-honoring? Are there any out there running? I realize that there are some Republicans that stoop to the level of many democrats lacking morality, integrity, and all around ungodliness, so I do not need any comments stating that fact. The bottom line is the political party is really not the issue at stake; casting a godly vote is.

I can understand how the unsaved, people dead in sins and trespasses, would cast a vote for an ungodly candidate, but a born-again Christian; come on now! Christians are supposed to be different than the world; having high and holy standards. Jesus is now their Lord and Saviour; all aspects of their lives should be changed. God has given to them a new nature. Christ followers should want to please Him with their votes of godily candidates not ones that necessarelhy have an agenda for this world.

I am saddened this morning to hear that the democratic party is taking over the House and perhaps the Senate, but that is too close to call. Hold on a second, I just learned that the Democrats have the Senate as well. They now control the majority in Congress, something that has not happened since 1994. All as I can say is unbelieveable! Most of the govenorships are democrats also. Many in he Democratic Party are looking at this as a rebellion against what the president is doing in Iraq. Say what you want, but I don't think that this is as much of a rebellion against George W. Bush (who I think will go down as the best president in my life-time) and the Republicans as much as it is against God and the truth of His Word.

Keep praying for this great country, God help us! Praise His dear, gracious name that when we cry out to Him for the forgiveness of our sins and repent from them that we will not experience the wrath of God. Because honestly friends, I think Jesus is coming back real quickly and soon after that the wrath of God will be poured out on the ungodly and unsaved.

He is sovereign and in complete control of America regardless of what political party is in control (Rom. 13.) If you have not been voting to bring honor and glory to God, start with the next election. If you're not voting church, vote! If you're not registered in your state to vote, register soon.

May God continue to bless the red, white and blue until He comes again.

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