Thursday, November 1, 2007

Back To School

This is the first paper I turned in at California Baptist University


You don’t have to disengage your mind to believe that this world is here by God’s divine act of creation. Christians do not have to hide from science believing that they need to exercise some blind faith in something that makes no sense in the physical world. In fact now the Christian point of view is the one that has science on its side. To not understand this is to show that you do not understand what real faith means. We will see that it is now the evolutionary scientists who no longer have a “leg to stand on” so to speak.

To illustrate this, think about your cell phone. It probably has a case and some kind of screen. It also has buttons that you use to control it. What if I were to tell you that all of the individual parts of your phone were made, put into a bag, that bag was shaken and after a certain amount of time those parts came together and become a phone. Would you believe me? Evolutionists would have you believe something far more outrageous than that.

Today I want to engage your minds. I don’t want to talk about the emotional side of the argument, just separate the fact from the fiction and only look at what is true. As we look at these things we will see that the intellectuals are no longer the ones that have science on their side.

During the time that Darwin first expounded his theories; the facts of science were very limited. At this time, it appeared that one celled organisms seemed to spontaneously grow and cells appeared to be nothing more than blobs of gelatin. We did not even fully understand how the eye worked. We would say these things are black boxes, meaning that as Darwin looked at these things he did not understand how they worked. He accepted that the eye worked but at that time they had no idea how. That is what we mean by black box. As science discovered how these things worked, like the cell or the eyes, we see that it is not reasonable for us to even think that these things happened by random chance. In fact we will see that the more we learn, the more organized and deliberate this world really is.

Today I will demonstrate that the facts show us that creation is the only possible explanation.

DEALING WITH THE TWO TITLES: Creationist vs. Evolutionist

As we look at the two sides to this there are two major lies that most people believe.

The first is that evolutionists don’t believe in creation.

This is a false belief. Even the evolutionist believes that there is a start therefore he does believe that this universe is created. What is in question is the source of creation and the motivating factor behind it. Physics even has a law for this. It is the law of cause and effect. Something can only be created by something equal to or greater than itself. The prevalent theory on the beginning of the universe by evolutionists is the big bang theory. The big bang theory states that there was a large expanse from nothing to the universe. That set the stage for the beginning of life on earth. The start of life is based on the theory that a bolt of lightning hit the ocean or that cosmic dust came together in random form and the first living cell was created by random chance. Random chance is then the driving force behind creation for the evolutionist. Therefore, evolutionists believe that creation was by some random chance.

Conversely, lie number two is that creationists don’t believe in evolution.

But evolution is a fact. What needs to be clarified is that there are two types of evolution. The most common understanding of evolution is that life came from random chance, as evolutionists believe and as we said above that life started by some random chance. This also leads us to the theory that one species evolved into another. This is the theory of evolution between species. Christians do not believe this to be true.

The less common known type of evolution which is supported by facts is linear or micro evolution. This is an evolution in which slight variations are seen in a species and stay within that species. There are no transitions from one species to another. There are changes within the population of any species but to what avail. It begs the question

“Is that change for better or worse?”


Examples of irreducible complexity support creation. What that means is that within the biological world we can observe many different types of systems that are designed to support life. These are a big part of Darwin’s black boxes. We will look at a couple of different systems and we have to realize that Darwin did not at that time have any understanding of how they worked.

The flagellum of the bacteria could not exist without all of the individual components. It has a stator, a rotor and is controlled by electrical impulses. It is a tiny electrical motor. Every one of these parts needs to be in place for the flagellum to work. As we have learned in this class all the parts of bacteria need to be in place all at once for that cell to live. There is no way that bacteria could live or the flagellum work without all of those processes in place and functional.

Other biological systems support this also. Photosynthesis in a cell could not take place until all of the components are present. Cellular mitosis could not take place unless all of the organelles are present and functioning properly. The deeper we go, the more systems that we see and how they work, the more we see that if we remove one small component the only thing that we have is a dead, non-functioning cell. From this standpoint, creation is the only possible answer.

Embryology also shows us that creation is the only answer. The evolutionist uses this to try to further his case but to no avail. Recapitulation is a theory that has been set forth to try and promote the evolutionary process. This is one of Darwin’s black boxes. Today we know that every step that a human embryo goes through is human with a human intent. This could only be true if there was intent in creation and intent in creation means that there had to be a creator.


Evolution goes against the laws established by physics.

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed by ordinary processes. Energy can, however, change form-for example, from chemical energy to the energy of heat and movement. The second law of thermodynamics states that when energy is converted from one form to another, the amount of useful energy decreases. What we see here is that energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be consumed. This shows us that the planet is dying off, first, from a loss energy and second, that everything that is created progresses from a state of order to disorder. This is known as entropy. Anything that is left to itself is decaying and dying. Everything is progressing from order to disorder. If everything progresses from order to disorder, according to the first two laws of thermodynamics, then the evolutionary process which states that living cells went from order to a higher order is impossible. There is no possibility for the evolutionary process to take place in this system. We would have to say that the laws of physics that we know today could not be in place for creation to take place.

The law of cause and effect says if anything is created, it is created by something equal to or greater than itself. This being true we would have to say that a one- celled animal could not create a human. This is impossible and again creation is the best alternative.


There is no biological system in place at this time that could survive without all of its components being present. The more we look into that the more we see the complexity of living cells and organisms. The only logical conclusion that we can come to is that biologically evolution is not a viable solution.

The first two laws of thermodynamics and the law of cause and effect are completely ignored when using the evolutionary theory. Before using that theory we would then have to change those laws of physics. This would be impossible because those laws define the world that we live in and are valid in every application. We would therefore have to conclude that evolution is once again not a viable theory according to physics.

If these things are so obvious than why do people insist upon the evolutionary theory actually being a fact? The evolution and creation debate draws lines between Christians and non-Christians most of the time. This should as Christians, give us great concern about the motives behind evolutionists and their theory. It is easy to see when you step back and look at it that the evolutionary theory is an attack on the very foundation of the Bible. It is an attempt to virtually kill God or disprove His existence. Men throughout the span of time have always tried to get out from under the authority of God. As Christians let’s make no mistake and defend the biblical truth that God created the heavens and the earth and it took six days, six consecutive twenty-four hour periods. Since we see this debate between Christians and non-Christians we need to understand the fundamental problem. That problem has nothing to do with people believing in evolution, the problem is they are lost without God. Our main focus should be to lead them to Christ and change their entire life.


Peter said...

Chris - good post. I hope you got an "A"!

Justice said...

Good points Chris - "It is easy to see when you step back and look at it that the evolutionary theory is an attack on the very foundation of the Bible. It is an attempt to virtually kill God or disprove His existence."

That is exactly what they are out to do and what we need to fight against.

I would give it an A or at least a C. =)

Chris Hinton said...

The intresting thing about this is the oral presintations that were given. The creationists all used science as their basis for belief and the evolutionists,well they were just emotional.

I did finish that class with an A and the profesor is having me do the oral presintation in his other classes. There is hope for the truth!