Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Backlash Against Tithing

Can you put a price on faith? That is the question churchgoers are asking as the tradition of tithing -- giving 10% of your income to the church -- is increasingly challenged. Opponents of tithing say it is a misreading of the Bible, a practice created by man, not God. They say they should be free to donate whatever amount they choose, and they are arguing with pastors, writing letters and quitting congregations in protest. In response, some pastors have changed their teaching and rejected what has been a favored form of fund raising for decades.

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Douglas said...

Tithing is not for the New Testament Church. It is wrong to teach that Christians should tithe. Is demanding tithing sinful? Tithing lays a heavy burden. The sooner the 21st century church ceases teaching the tithe the better.

Rick Warren teaches tithing and has this to say: "I sometimes tell people (a little tongue in cheek, I must admit) that, if you're really worried about 10 percent being a legalistic requirement, just give 20 percent or 30 percent and then you'll erase that concern!" Question 16. That is not fair saying that, even though it is said "a little tongue in cheek," he is still getting his message across. It lays even more guilt upon people. People that join Saddleback have to sign a covenant to say they will, as members, pay tithes to Saddleback. That is wrong.

Tithing MP3 (duration 00:26:00)
Presented by Bob DeWaay and Dick Kuffel Broadcast Monday, July 17, 2006 This program shows that the New Testament does not teach a mandatory tithe after the manner of the Old Testament. Those who command tithing are not following the teachings of the New Testament.

Will a Man Rob God?” (Malachi 3:8): A Study of Tithing in the Old and New Testaments pdf
Andreas J. Kostenberger and David A. Croteau
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“Is tithing, that is, giving ten percent of one’s income, obligatory for Christians? This first in a series of two articles investigates this question by studying all references to tithing in Scripture. The discussion commences with Old Testament references to tithing prior to the giving of the Mosaic Law, the Mosaic Law, and the historical and prophetic books. This is followed by a study of the three major New Testament passages on tithing. The article concludes that none of the Old or New Testament passages can legitimately be used to argue for the continuation of tithing in the new covenant period.”

Reconstructing a Biblical Model for Giving: A Discussion of Relevant Systematic Issues and New Testament Principles pdf
Andreas J. Kostenberger and David A. Croteau
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“In a previous article the authors discussed all relevant references to tithing in Scripture and concluded that the continuation of a tithing requirement can not be adequately supported by the exegesis of individual texts. In the present essay they assess the applicability of tithing in light of pertinent systematic issues. Following a discussion of the relationship between the Mosaic Law and the new covenant, larger systematic issues that have been used to argue for the continuation of tithing are analyzed and critiqued. The article concludes with a survey of New Testament principles for giving.”

A discussion paper on the subject of Christian giving.
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