Saturday, March 18, 2006

How to Dress more Mormon

Leave it to the Mormon's to develop their own line of clothes. I didn't see a wedding day/night clothes link.

This is how the site is billed:

"Your Alternative for Modest Clothing, Positive Media Choices; the Latter-Day Saint Lifestyle."

Hmmm, what exactly is the Latter-Day Saint Lifestyle?? Any help is appreciated.

Oh, they also have a new teen magazine to match.

Their tag line is:

Jen* is an Online Magazine for LDS Teen & Young Adult Women."
We welcome anyone else who shares our Christian values.

The saddest part is:

A. They arent Christian
B. They are more moral (in appearance) than most Christians
C. See B


Chris Hinton said...

They look and act moral but the real question is can you be moral without God?... I think not

Jason E. Robertson said...

Hey look, Chris is playing the guitar. Didn't he almost get churched for doing that?

Chris Hinton said...

Hey look Jason's alot better looking than last time I saw him! WOFF!

Scott Hill said...

Do all mormons look like that?

Justice said...

Maybe -- you thinking of switching teams??