Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Money for Blessings - Get Paid for Answered Prayer

The story you are about to read below is beyond the realm of sanity - it is ludicrous and crazy. I cant believe that in my entire life, I would ever need to tackle this subject. What you are about to read below is 100% true. Believe it or not. I will let the below material speak for itself. I think this story would even make Rick Warren roll over in his grave (OK, maybe not -- but you get the gist).

Prayer Power Celebrates Easter With "The 7 Great Prayers" Contest

Prayer Power Publishing challenges web site visitors to pray “The 7 Great Prayers” for 21 days and offers $2,000 in cash prizes for the best “Answered Prayers Success Story.”

Newington, CT (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) March 28, 2006 – Prayer Power Publishing, a leader in the Affirmative Prayer category, today announced that they are celebrating Easter 2006 with "The 7 Great Prayers for an Abundant & Blessed Life" Contest and will offer $2,000 in cash prizes for the best "Answered Prayers Success Story.”

Winning prayer stories will be posted on the Prayer Power web site to inspire others to use The 7 Great Prayers and prizes will be awarded in multiple prayer categories including healing, prosperity, overcoming depression, finding purpose, and developing a closer relationship with God.

Now through April 16th (Easter) people from around the world, and of all faiths, are encouraged to log on to http://www.prayerpower.com/eastercontest.htm to receive "The 7 Great Prayers" via email and to enter the "The 7 Great Prayers Easter Prayer Contest."

“Giving away cash prizes for people’s answered prayer success stories is pretty crazy,” admits Paul McManus, Author of The 7 Great Prayers and inventor of Prayer Power audio technology, “but we felt an out-of-the-box contest like this was necessary to help continue to spread the word about the amazing power of The 7 Great Prayers and Affirmative Prayer.”

Through word-of-mouth, combined with the power of the internet, over 750,000 people worldwide, 2,000 a day, from virtually every country on Earth, have signed up to receive The 7 Great Prayers via email. Each day, for seven days, one of The 7 Great Prayers is emailed to the website visitor. With each of The 7 Great Prayers the recipient also receives instructions on how to apply that particular Great Prayer to his or her unique prayer needs.

“I’ve dedicated my life to promoting the benefits of The 7 Great Prayers, Affirmative Prayer, and audio prayer technology,” says Paul McManus. “Through the power of Affirmative Prayer marriages have been saved, depression overcome, finding purpose in life, financial problems solved, healings achieved, a happier and more loving personality acquired are just some of the results we’ve seen from those that have used The 7 Great Prayers, Affirmative Prayers, and our audio prayer programs.”

Each of The 7 Great Prayers is an Affirmative Prayer. In addition to The 7 Great Prayers, Prayer Power Publishing has created hundreds of Affirmative Prayers for a wide variety of prayer needs. All Affirmative Prayers are short, personal, positive, and said in the present tense, and each is prayed as though the prayer has "already been answered."

Most popular are Prayer Power audio CDs and cassettes. Affirmative Prayers are spoken over music that enhances the prayer experience. People play audio in the car while commuting, at the office, home and before drifting off to sleep at night.

For additional information regarding "The 7 Great Prayers Easter Contest" and to receive The 7 Great Prayers via email, please visit: http://www.prayerpower.com/eastercontest.htm


Transplanted Yankee said...

I just found your blog, and this was a good article. I look forward to future visits, and reading what you have to say. Thanks!
In response to the article, seems to me like a clear case of Matthew 6:7.

Justice said...

Yankee, Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you like the blog. You are exactly correct about Matt 6:7 - the problem is the prayers are directed for self gain and have nothing to do with needs - just wants. But, in today's climate of "name it and claim it" there is no shame.