Monday, May 29, 2006

Christian Directed X-Men

The Christian Behind 'X-Men'
Producer Ralph Winter on the spiritual messages in the blockbuster trilogy--and life as a person of faith in Hollywood.
By Kris Rasmussen

Producer Ralph Winter may have one of the most unusual resumes of any filmmaker in Hollywood. A history major at Berkeley, he shunned film school, and instead worked his way up through the studio ranks in various production jobs. As a producer over the past decade, Winter's credits range from successful big-budget action pictures--such as "The Planet of the Apes," "The Fantastic Four," and the "X-Men" trilogy--to smaller, overtly Christian movies, such as "Left Behind" and "The Visitation." Even more unusual by Hollywood standards is that Winter is equally comfortable giving instructions on a movie set as he is speaking to Christians at a prayer breakfast. When not working on location, Winter routinely teaches at Christian conferences and is involved with more than one ministry dedicated to furthering the communication between Hollywood and the religious community.

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ryan carpenter said...

I am so glad that the new X-Men movie was such a big hit this weekend. We need more types of these movies to come out.