Saturday, May 6, 2006

If It Doesn't Work It's Probably Not True

The Truth is Always Better

I sit here tonight not able to sleep. I had an experience that I have to write about. I know that one day I will look back at today and know that I have had a life changing experience. I have just come back from a long term care facility were my father is right now. He fell down at home a couple of weeks ago and afterward was having a hard time just walking and talking. We found out today that he has had many small strokes and that this has more than likely been happening for some time. It became clear tonight that he now understands that he is going to die and it’s now causing him to think about his life. He’s reflecting on himself as a father, husband, and a Christian.

We all must face these times in our lives and they are very challenging. He began to cry, I don’t think that I have ever seen that before, and started to lament about his daughters, my sisters. He said he was not sure about their walk or even their salvation. He began to tell me with tear filled eyes that he had really missed the mark. He said that he had made many mistakes and wished that he could do it all over again and do it right this time. I had never seen him so broken in all my life. It was difficult for me to maintain and be there for him. He laid the spiritual condition of his daughters at his own feet and was taking the guilt on himself.

He is my dad and I know him well and he isn’t perfect, far from it, neither am I. But I realized that he had fallen victim to false teaching and false theology. My father had kept us in church as kids and made God the center of our lives. I would have to say that he raised us up in the ways of the Lord and bathed his wife, my mother, in scripture. He had done everything that he could to lead us all to the Lord but it didn’t seem to do any good with his children -- we all went astray. I later was drawn in by God and have since then dedicated my life to God as a Pastor.

The thing that I started realizing in my discussion with my father was that his Arminian views lead him to believe that since some of his children were not where they should be spiritually, that he could have done something to change this. He didn’t know what it was, but it was putting him in complete agony.

When I began to think about this I realized that if his Arminian thought process was true, he was guilty! If our children do have a free will choice beyond the sovereign God and we don’t teach them than we would be guilty. I might seem like a pessimist but, to steal the words of a great theologian; I’m a Calvinist. Thank you LORD!!.

My father and I were able to pour over scripture and learn the truth of the God of grace that is in control of everything! He is not in heaven hoping it all turns out good, and teaching this view of an Arminian God is at the very least error.

God is in control

I would hope that the pastors who teach this error would stop; you are doing damage to your congregation.

Be God centered not man centered!



Justice said...

Excellent post Chris. Excellent insight. What a blessing that you were able to spend that time with your dad. I know you will never forget that.

It's times like those that force us to refocus our own personal pursuits of righteousness and holiness.

I'll keep your dad and mom in prayer.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris, for sharing. It is helping me to deal with a similar situation as a parent.

Ryan Carpenter said...


I will be praying for you and your family during this difficult time.
A hearty amen to the words you had to share about our wonderful God!

Jason E. Robertson said...

Chris, thanks for this post. Your steadfast faith and true spiritual joy are encouraging. There is no doubt that the this time with your dad is answered prayer. Thank God for a precious gift of such time before the end. Be stong and of courageous, merciful and wise. And may God continue to bless.