Monday, May 1, 2006

Jesus is Blogging?

I am sure only good can come from this. I will be keeping a watch on this more for entertainment purposes than edification -- Maybe I am being to pessimistic??


Thursday (PRWEB) May 1, 2006 -- Got Jesus Talk, a new Jesus Blog, has sparked global interest with its unprecidented look at what Jesus taught in the context of current events. The title of the blog says it all: What would Jesus say?

Jesus went global overnight on the wings of this blog. One look at the front page and you can see where the last ten visitors are from. The latest report on the blog lists: Woronora Dam Australia, Guatemala, Makati Philippines, Bucharest Romania, Beirut Lebanon, Belvis DeJ arama Spain, United States, Teuringshofen Germany, and Zwolle Netherlands.

This is not your typical Christain blog. With everything from the war in Iraq, the Gospel of Judas, Scientists claiming Jesus walked on Ice, to the weeping Virgin Mary in Bogota Columbia – this new blog not only gets you thinking about what Jesus taught it challenges you to apply it in every day life.

Got Jesus Talk is not Sunday school as usual. Not everyone agrees with some of the more controversial topics, such as one of this blogs more controversial articles entitled Ancient Secret, which challenges people to find compassion for Judas. One reader was so shocked by this article he claims, “This article is hereritical”

But more and more people find themselves drawn to this blog to participate in an unusual look at the what Jesus taught in the context of current events. A few comments from readers reveals just how much this blog is opening their hearts:

“I must say your Blog is stiring the gifts within us. Good Stir!”

“Wow what a great site for us to air out views.”

“Well I’m grateful for this site really, it makes a person to be creative and think deeper. Most of these articles I’ve been reading helped me to learn from my mistake. It stroke my heart when i read Pathway of Peace, my eyes are filled with tears, will we be able to comprehend His love for us, its so unbelievable that we are able to love one another.”

“I loved your article pathway of peace. It is very true that love is simple and judgment is complex. It is very easy and simple to love than it is to hate. As Christians we ought to follow Our Lord’s example of love.”

“Thank you very much for that very great message. I must say that I am really challenge by the content especially those quotes of Jesus’ words and how you interpreted them.”

This site is a must read for Christians and non-Christians alike. People from all over the world with different religious backgrounds are participating in the lively discussion that is usually found on this blog. The articles are well written and more than a little thought provoking and the comments are truly inspiring.

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