Monday, January 28, 2008

Baptists Come Together by Splitting Apart??

They say they are trying to bring Baptists together - which is kind of interesting since it seems that they are really dividing. I also have to admit that moderate in today's language sounds the same as luke-warm in biblical language. If I were to go down this path more than likely I think it would end in a compromise of the theological and doctrinal positions that I believe are essential. I appreciate the statements in the article by Richard Land and believe he is dead-on.


For more than 150 years, Baptists in the United States have splintered along political, theological and racial lines. But this week, some of the country’s largest Baptist groups — representing about 20 million believers — will meet to try to mend the old fractures and, some leaders say, present a more diverse and moderate image of their faith than the one offered by the conservative Southern Baptist Convention.

The three-day meeting of more than 30 groups — known as the New Baptist Covenant Celebration, which begins on Wednesday in Atlanta — is a result of efforts by former President Jimmy Carter to draw together long-divided Baptists.

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