Friday, January 11, 2008

Signs of the Apocolypse: Major League Baseball Caskets and Urns

I am just at a loss for words. The following is real and true.

Every Major League Baseball™ urn is hand-designed using die-cast aluminum with proprietary clear coat finish. Each urn sits atop a “home plate” base outlined in black. Each also features a baseball display dome at the top in which a favorite collectible baseball can be displayed. (Please note: the urn comes with a baseball, which the purchaser or family can replace with a special ball from their own collection.)

Currently 13 team urns are available, including the Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, and St. Louis Cardinals. The balance of teams will be added in 2008. Patent pending.

If you must order one click here.

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