Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cancel The Party NFL Says Churches can't Broadcast Super Bowl

Football fans who also happen to be churchgoers might be in trouble again this year if they choose to attend a Super Bowl party at their usual place of worship. According to Brian McCarthy, a spokesman for the National Football League, the law that prohibits congregations from viewing the biggest game of the year on large TV screens still stands. “It's not a church issue, it's a copyright issue,” McCarthy said. Large Super Bowl gatherings, whether they happen at churches or theaters, erode TV ratings and could negatively impact advertising revenues, McCarthy said. But John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, says he is disappointed that churches aren't willing to sue for the right to host large screenings. “They ought to stand up and fight back,” he says.


Doug McHone said...

I don't buy it. There are sports bars all over the place that air the games, including the Super Bowl, and they pack more people in than the average church Super Bowl party.

Besides, unless your TV is hooked up to that special box, it isn't counted in the ratings anyway. A certain percentage of homes are given a box that keeps track of what they watch, and it is assumed that this percentage offers a reasonable way to estimate the number of homes tuning in.

I watched the Eagles fall flat from a room in the church we were attending, and it did feel weird to cheer on a sports team at church. And when commercials were on, it seemed that everybody was careful not to laugh if the joke wasn't consecrated enough for them.

I'd rather watch the game with a few buddies, each leaving the game on at home before we meet (of course).

Unrelated: your captcha sais lujfcer. Should I refresh the page and try to get a different one?


Justice said...

I do agree, it seems real ticky-tac to me. Does it matter if they are watching at home or not - I really don't think so.

No matter what, whether it is at a church or someones house, groups of people are getting together in large numbers and watching the game.

So the game in-and-of-itself skews the numbers. It's just not a single person event. We will be going over to a family's house form our church and last year they had 90 people attend. Being Baptist though we could probably take attendance and send it in for the sake of the advertisers.

As for the catcha - that was a sancification test. You passed.