Monday, August 14, 2006

Biblical Preaching

For those of you that know me, you realize that I think that expository preaching is the best way to preach in the local church. This is the way that many of the early reformers preached, and yes I realize that CH Spurgeon did not preach expositorally. Yes God used him greatly in his topical and textual messages, but it makes sense perfect sense to me to preach His inerrant Words through the Bible in expositonal preaching.

There are three sermons that you will hear when you go to church. You will either hear a topical one, textual one, or an expository one. Topical and textual sermons are closely related and are preacher-driven; that is the preacher decides where the sermon will go from selected passages of Scripture. Now he may use some Scriptures in these two types of sermons, but it is how he sees it relating to the sermon.

The value of expository preaching is limitless. Why you may ask is expository preaching so great? Because God decides the direction of the sermon. To be an expository message the sermon generally consists of at least two or three verses from the Bible; maybe more. The preacher studies them from a historical and grammatical aspect. The context of the passage is looked at and studied also. The preacher demonstrates personal Bible study to his people through this form of preaching; not to mention that the laity arguments are with God when they disagree with what is said by the preacher. The church realizes that the pastor will address the subject contained in the next verse(s). There is power in expository preaching!

It makes perfect sense to me to have God direct the sermon and not the preacher. When one hears good expository preaching, I think it is fair to say that he or she has found something very pleasing to the ears, a jewel to their faith and something worth listening to. Why is that? Because God speaks through His Word and it will not return void.

May God continue to raise up great expository preachers in the future.

I read something about G. Campbell Morgan that I want to share:

G. Campbell Morgan

Early in his ministry, when he was pastor of the Congregational Church at Rugeley, Campbell Morgan studied hard and preached often. He was discovering and developing the gift of Bible exposition that later made him the prince of expositors. His preaching made him popular. One evening, as he sat in his study, he felt God saying to him, “What are you going to be, a preacher or My messenger?”
As Morgan pondered the question, he realized that his desire to become a “great preacher” was hindering his work. For several hours Morgan sat there struggling with God’s call and human ambition. Finally he said, “Thy messenger, my Master—Thine!” He took the precious outlines of his sermons, messages that he was proud of, and laid them in the fireplace where they burned to ashes. That was when the victory was won.
As the outlines were burning, Morgan prayed: “If Thou wilt give me Thy words to speak, I will utter them from this day forward, adding nothing to them, taking naught away. Thine whole counsel I will declare, so help me God!”

(Wycliffe Handbook of Preaching & Preachers, Moody, 1984, p. 212)

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