Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Mel Gibson's Problem Is Not Alcohol

I'm sure you've seen the headlines and the mug shot of Mel Gibson being booked for DUI. It is one of those human-interest stories that generate an enormous amount of media attention and website traffic, not so much because it involves alcohol abuse but because it involves a celebrity. When you add to that the fact that the celebrity in question is a staunch conservative and a Catholic with a well known history of deeply held religious beliefs and good works, the most famous of which is a highly acclaimed motion picture called, The Passion of the Christ, you not only have the makings of a real water cooler controversy but the enormous potential for spiritual confusion and secular exploitation.

Mel's real problem is not alcohol; nor is it anti-Semitism, verbal abuse, drunk driving, speeding, running stop signs, a foul mouth, a cocky attitude, suicidal tendencies or any of the other "unforgivable" sins the media is currently seething over in its unrighteous indignation. Mel's problem is a life not surrendered to Jesus Christ.

Salvation is not found in wafers and wine; nor is it obtained by building chapels, receiving mass in Latin, donating money to good causes, being conservative, patriotic, faithful to your wife, a good father or making religious movies that gross millions of dollars. Redemption is found ONLY through genuine repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. The fruit of a life surrendered to Christ is found in humble obedience to God's Word, not in a comprehensive list of accumulated good works and a reputation for charitable endeavors, regardless of how religious they may appear to be to family, friends, fans and clergy.

"Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." - Matthew 3:2

Even repentance is a gift from God and not the work of men. If repentance was something anyone could perform, then the power of the flesh could itself redeem us through charity and good works, rendering Jesus Christ's sacrificial death on the cross, unnecessary. No, it is the power of God that convicts a pride-filled, self-centered, sin-ridden heart of its terminal condition and transforms lost souls from the inside out, turning us toward Jesus Christ and the Cross where He alone bore the penalty for our sins. The religious power of man can only cover sin cosmetically from the outside in. And though cosmetics can for a time, create the illusion of health, beauty and perfection, it is only skin deep; and even the very best makeup fades over time revealing the embarrassing scars and imperfections of the flesh beneath.

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