Thursday, August 3, 2006

Signs of the Apocolypse

This is almost more than I can believe and wish it was some kind of joke. Unfortunately what you are going to see and read is true. WARNING: This will make any typical Alpha Male fly into a rage and feel the need to hit something until all regular masculinity returns - You have been warned.

There is apparently a place called Fairy Camp and they would love for us to send our daughters to it. It is apparently a wonderful place of fun and re-education. Click here if you dare.

Let me introduce you to the camp director:
Jodi MacMillan, MA is the Fairy Camp director. She is also the mom of Milo, a fifth-grade student at Malcolm X Elementary. Fairy Camp is a girls program offered by Belladonna, an organization Jodi founded that is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of women's spiritual traditions (see for more information).

Jodi draws from her education in eco-feminism and her family's Celtic spiritual traditions as a contemporary seeress, priestess, and teacher. She will share this information as well as her intimate knowledge of the fairy realm, flower power, and global goddess lore with the campers.

Jodi MacMillan, MA, is an ordained priestess and a certified clairvoyant, trance medium and hands-on-healer. She has been providing professional psychic readings and healings since she moved from New England to Berkeley, California in 1992. In 2002, Jodi founded Belladonna, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of women's spiritual traditions.

After posting this I need to go eat a steak and chop down a tree.


Anonymous said...

I think I will opt not to send my girls there!

Justice said...

Me either. This camp is supposed to be an alternative to Christian youth camps. Carzy crazy crazy.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. Almost reminds me of what the Masons try and do to our kids. You know they have a deal like this for young girls, young boys, their wives. Who knows maybe even for their pets; na I don't know that for sure.