Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And So It Begins

Tomorrow I will be flying into Kentucky and attending the Together for the Gospel conference. I will be meeting up with two of my closest friends, Chris Hinton who co-blogs with me here at Truth or Consequences and Jason Robertson from Fide-O, It wont be the same without Scott Hill but we will have to manage.

For those of you that are missing it and wanted to go I can offer you no solace except to know that we will be enjoying it for you -- so try to wish us well. It should be a great time of fellowship and teaching, from the conference itself to the Band of Bloggers session the day before. There are plenty of people live blogging so you should be able to keep up, check Tim Challies he is an amazingly fast typist, I watched him live blog at the Shepherds' Conference and he must type 110 words a minute.

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