Sunday, April 9, 2006

Pastor's Gone Wild

If you missed the Shepherds' Conference this year it was awesome -- as it is every year. In case you were not aware, the mp3's from the conference are available and I would encourage you to download them.

If you are a member of the Shepherds' Fellowship they are only $1.00 a piece, you can't beat that. At the very least you should get and listen to Steven Lawson's message from session 6, it was one of the best call to arms I have ever heard preached.

Click here for mp3's.


Jim Shaver said...

Since I'm not a member of Sheperd's can you give a brief synopsis before I invest $3.00.


Justice said...

It is an excellent exposition of Ezra and the importance of expository preaching. He uses Ezra as an example and cover five points of sermon development and preaching.

If anyone else was there feel free to add to this.

Also John MacArthur on the Prodigal Son was the show stopper so to speak, I believe that was session 3.