Wednesday, April 12, 2006

When Cults Invade

If you read the post I have down below on the fastest growing churches, it doesnt take long to realize that the churches that are growing the fastest are cults and/or apostate to some degree.

To capatalize on this growth and to make the most of the publicity they are getting from Tom Cruise they are apparently seeking to expand (maybe franchises are next). I have heard rumblings of other places they are going to move into, but this is the first that I have seen written information on.

Again, this and other stories like it show that people are seeking after truth, we need not be afraid to share our faith and the love of our glorious Savior Jesus Christ. It has been my personal experience that people are more than willing to listen -- our job as Christians is to share the Good News.

If you want to know what Scientology is click here.

If you want to know why it is an evil cult click here.

PLANT CITY, FL -- In this town of restored brick buildings, behemoth Christian churches and stately homes, people are whispering.

The Church of Scientology is coming to Plant City, of all places.

On Monday, the church paid $620,000 in cash for an 11,000square-foot portion of Frenchman's Market, a downtown landmark at 102 N Collins St. dating from 1922.

It will be a "Life Improvement Center" like the one in Ybor City. Scientology staffers will offer audio and visual displays, videos and books on Scientology, and founder L. Ron Hubbard's seminal text Dianetics. Introductory Scientology courses will be available.

Personality and stress tests will be offered, too, as a way to entice people inside. Church officials say they haven't decided yet whether Scientologists will take to Plant City streets to recruit passers-by, as they do in Ybor.

But the Church of Scientology is not receiving Plant City's warm embrace.

From the pulpit of the massive First Baptist Church, two blocks from the new outreach center, the Rev. Ron Churchill spoke of the new neighbors in his last two Sunday sermons, calling Scientology a cult and warning his parishioners to be strong of faith.

Across the street from Scientology's building, antiques store owners hung "No solicitation" signs -- a message to Scientologists who stopped by last week to drop off literature. Keep out.

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