Monday, April 24, 2006

A Sad Time for the SBC

I fear there are more sad days to come for the SBC as time goes on. I have been in an SBC church all my life, and it is sad to see these types of developments that hurt the testimony of the church. The SBC needs to do as Tom Ascol has said and clean the rolls and be honest about our church memberships, we need to do biblical evangelism and fill our churches with the saved. We need to fill SBC pulpits with Pastors that are theologians and not stealing sermons from

Is that to much to ask?? Isn't that the calling??

NAMB president Reccord resigns following investigation
By Greg Warner
Associated Baptist Press

ATLANTA - Bob Reccord has resigned as president of the North American Mission Board (NAMB), three weeks after trustees completed an internal investigation and imposed "executive level controls" on the agency head.

"I regret that events of recent weeks have created an environment which makes it difficult to lead the organization and to stay on mission," Reccord, 54, said in a statement April 17. His resignation became effective immediately.

Allegations of poor management first surfaced in a February report by the Christian Index, the George Baptist news journal. NAMB's trustees responded with their own investigation. They concluded that the Index report contained some "inaccuracies," but also found fault enough to put Reccord under strict "executive-level controls" on March 23.

Many observers thought the trustees' tightening of the reins would prompt Reccord's resignation, and ABP reported April 13 that several unidentified trustees had called for Reccord to resign before facing a possible ouster at their May 2 meeting.

Also April 13, Reccord met with several prominent Southern Baptist pastors to seek their advice. Three days later, he resigned.

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