Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Reformed Calvinist Enters the World

Yes I’ve Been A Little Busy
Luke Alexander Hinton
It is a Boy 9 lbs 21.5 inches long
If you were wondering what a Reformed Calvinist looked like at birth here he is!
Perfect I might add!

And thanks to all our friends and family.

And to the newest addition at Truth or Consequences, Ryan it's good to have you here. I look forward to your blogs everyday. Since you are so close to Nick out there I hope that you can straighten him out. Ive known him for years and many have tried but ALL have failed.

Thank you for the great posts.


Justice said...

So this is what you have been up to in your non-posting time.

Congrats to the whole family!!

He looks just like Calvin and Luther, but he has Edwards hair.


Anonymous said...


I am happy for you, one day I know I will have the opportunity to meet you personally.

Nick is a good guy, I am close to him and his family, but 10 hours is still along way.