Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Good Communicator Of What?

In light of what I wrote yesterday; that is a healthy church is ONLY to be God-centered and God-driven. Contrary to what many churches have become today that is man-centered and man-driven. I had some more thoughts on the subject that I wanted to share. I hope you understand that God is building His church, PERIOD. We as pastors or church members should not want to get in His way. I don’t have anything to compete with Him over and I hope you feel the same way. He is building His church and we need to let Him. I argue to let God build His church as He said He would do, yield to Him today as He builds it with everlasting value. Man's attempt to put together a church will be faultless and useless; perishing in the end!

Two Springs ago I was required to take a course in Communication for my degree at Southeastern Baptist. Taking a break from the normal expository preaching classes sounded good to me, so I welcomed this course. A chance to better myself in the area of communication of the gospel, wow! I had in my mind that this class would help me round out the rough areas of my communication skills and make me a better communicator for the Lord. Well it did that and much more. I faced many challenges and was convicted in some areas as a result of the class. It started out with the understanding that being a good communicator begins in of all places-AT HOME. I do not always shine in this area for sure! If one is going to be an effective communicator for Jesus it must start in the walls of the home; with his spouse and family. The minister will NOT be a good communicator of the gospel in the church or on the streets if this is not first tackled. Am I speaking to anyone besides myself?

We understand that God is building His church, isn’t it a wonderful honor to know that he wants to use us in the process; that is if we let Him? Not only should one want to be a good communicator in the pulpit but also in everyday life. Another thing I learned was getting to know the community better in which I minister. That is getting all the information possible about the community. A minister should want to know as much as possible about the people to whom he ministers. Let me say that getting demographics about the community is a great tool to becoming an effective communicator of the gospel. Demographics help the minister better identify with the people. I know it helped me learn the average household income in my area, what most people do for a living in my area, the projected population for up to the next five years, and much more. My state helped me get these and I am sure that your SBC state would also.

Pastor brother/friend, let me encourage you to be the best communicator for God as He builds His church. To Him be the glory in His church and may you be encouraged as you serve Him today.

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