Friday, June 2, 2006

Look Out -- Apparently I Can Be God

Baltimore, Maryland author writes controversial new book detailing his beliefs concerning the origin and purpose of man. In doing so he sparks both outrage and interest in the religious community, particularly those of the Protestant faith.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) June 2, 2006 -- The results of a seven-year study has proven that man has the ability to be just like God on the earth, according to S. D. Rudd’s new book, In The Blood, a new Christian thriller set in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland.

Focusing now on the male gender, a belief is held by the local author that most men do not understand who they are or what kind of man they wish to become in life. On these terms of sociology, he believes that ignorance of identity leads to uncharacteristic thoughts, opinions, and actions within the person of confused state of mind. The result is complete alienation from that portion of the man which initiates and sustains high self esteem and the right self image. To compensate for the lack, confidence may be replaced by cockiness or overconfidence, which Rudd terms “false” confidence. A man of “false” confidence might become overly aggressive, take on predator like instincts when dealing with the opposite sex, or feel inadequate for jobs and assignments they are more than qualified to accomplish.

Rudd compares the effects of a man with “lost” identity to an amnesic. He knows that he is alive and well; however, he just does not understand his purpose until his memory restores. “How can someone become an exceptional gardener if that person doesn’t know that the green thumb was always his or her destiny?” he pointed out. He felt everyone had a destiny but that it could not be fulfilled until revelation of who we are surfaced.

“This is especially true among the black community,” Rudd says. “You can turn on BET and watch fifty African American videos everyday and find that most of them involve young black men treating young black women like trophies and naughty hood ornaments.” Rudd goes on to explain that he is in strong support of BET and its programming, yet he is able to recognize the identity crises that so effects the majority of young men. It is the young black author’s desire to help retrain the thinking of young black men and men in general.

With African American main characters, S. D. Rudd places the young male in a professional role. “Young black men, as pertaining to fiction, have been stereotyped as unintelligent,” Rudd says, “hustlers, or depicted as sex crazed, excessive money seeking creatures. I just want to tell people who don’t already know that they can’t always receive Hollywood as the gospel.” The story maintains a romantic blend as well but it is “just not filled with gratuitous immoralities.”

While reading the young author’s novel, locals might catch a glimmer in their eye when they notice a few Maryland landmarks. As much of the action takes place in Columbia, a catastrophic event takes place at BWI Airport in Glen Bernie, some intriguing encounters take place along the Baltimore Harbor, and the final scenes take place inside the Montgomery Park building off of Washington Boulevard in downtown Baltimore.

S. D. Rudd is an author and co-author of three fictional novels and one relationship book. Some of his articles are feature stories in “LIFT Magazine,” a Christian entertainment publication profiling gospel recording artists such as Tye Tribbet and the Ambassador from the Cross Movement. When he is not writing books, S. D. Rudd enjoys being a professional copywriter. He resides in a quiet suburban area in Columbia, Maryland.

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