Saturday, February 24, 2007

Conviction and Pain

I agree with AW Tozer on his daily devotion. Regarding conviction and pain in the life of a person He writes,

"I consider it a good sign that some people are still asking questions like these in our churches: "What should happen in a genuine conversion to Christ?" and "What should a man or woman feel in the transaction of the new birth?" If I am asked, my answer is this: "There ought to be a real and genuine cry of pain!" That is why I am not impressed with the kind of evangelism that tries to invite people into the fellowship of God by signing a card. There should be a birth within, a birth from above. There should be the terror of seeing ourselves in violent contrast to the holy, holy God! Unless we come into this place of conviction and pain concerning our sin, I am not sure how deep and real our repentance will ever be. The man whom God will use must be undone, humble and pliable. He must be, like the astonished Isaiah, a man who has seen the King in His beauty!"

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Pastor R C said...

Let me say that salvation is evident in our daily lives. (By their fruit you shall know them.) It is NOT based on a past decision, one never reads about that in the Bible.

It is not a matter of having walked the aisle or been baptized.

Salvation is crying out to God by faith for forgiveness. That is what is meant when a person says that true repentance is a must in salvation. One wants to repent now daily from sin. Why you may be wondering? Because he or she is a true believer and the Holy Spirit has drawn them to salvation.