Monday, February 19, 2007

SBC Pastor's - Young, Angry, and Blogging About It

Baptists Denominationally Disillusioned, Move Toward Future

Mon, Feb. 19, 2007 Posted: 08:27:55 AM EST

There are a lot of "angry young men" out there in the Southern Baptist blogosphere, one university dean pointed out.

Some Baptist bloggers, mainly pastors and seminarians, voice traditional views, some talk about culture and theology, and others indicate that they are revivalists. But drawing more attention are the comments posted more than the hosts of the blog pages.

"Are there angry people out there on the blogosphere?" posed Gregory A. Thornbury, founding dean of the School of Christian Studies at Union University, at a Baptist Identity conference over the weekend. "You bet."

"You guys are mules. You make much noise but cannot reproduce," Thornbury quoted one comment on a blog.

Some Baptist leaders point out a lack of evangelism in the Southern Baptist denomination. Before committing to others in outreach, however, Baptists were called to first recommit to the gospel and go back to the basics, one of which include regenerate church membership.

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