Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How can the Gospel become compromised in the local church?

Quite frequently even dedicated church members need to be reminded that they (or even we) are not all that matters. The church is not about you; nor is it about me. It is not even about us corporately, though this may come closer to the mark. The church is in many ways “an earthly expression of heaven.” Worship of the exalted Christ by, in part, preserving purity and holiness in her midst is key to who and what the Church is. The glory of God in Christ is what we are about. The church is not about us. We are about the church; and the church is about God. And the gospel? The gospel, the Good News, is at the heart of all that we are and believe. Indeed, “God is the gospel.”

“A healthy church is filled with people who have a heart for the gospel, and having a heart for the gospel means having a heart for truth--for God’s presentation of Himself, of our need, of Christ’s provision, and of our responsibility.” So if we don’t get the gospel right, we probably won’t be right with God and our churches will not faithfully worship the exalted Christ and preserve purity and holiness in her midst. Our churches will not be faithful in word or deed, in worship or evangelism, in polity or creed. We must, then, seek faithful gospel saturation in our churches. We must seek to overcome anything and everything which hinders gospel saturation if we are to be faithful. This leads us to our question:

What kinds of attitudes and ideas lead to the compromise of the Gospel in the local church?

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