Saturday, February 24, 2007

Is Global Warming True?

That is the question that many people are having these days, especially if one is in the Democrat Party in the state of Iowa. In all fairness, I should say that not all Democrats would hold to the theory of Global Warming. It is not uncommon to hear from the mouths of many church members around here "This Global Warming is something, really something." I had a man come up to me this past Sunday and those were his words. He really felt that if it wasn't for Global Warming we would be looking at minus 20 to 30 degree weather right now in Clinton, IA. And this is a man almost 90 years old believing this stuff! I beg to differ, it is a sign of the End Times. We are in the last days and the weather points to that fact. One just does not read of Global Warming in the Bible. Friends, the weather patterns are different everywhere right now and I don't care what part of the U.S.A a person lives in.

In my humble opinion, things are going to get worse and worse until Jesus comes again and that includes the weather. America in it entirety will never, never get any better. (Read Matt. 24). Come on now, why should the weather forecast and other things like that take our eyes off the good news of the gospel, the cross of Christ and the things of God in general? It shouldn't and nothing should! Don't be deceived into believing something that is not scriptural.

It appears that many Americans really have stooped to the point of worshiping aspects of creation over the creator of the universe; the God that made everything including the weather patterns. (Read Rom. 1:24,25). Do you think for a moment that the weather patterns are controlling themselves or that God is in control of them? I opt for the second choice. I think some people better stop and think what it means to say that God is sovereign. When sovereignty is spoken of in the Bible it means that God is in complete control of things in heaven and on earth and that clearly proves that He created the weather and is control of it. So much for the theory of Global Warming, that idea in thrown out the window with the baby's bathwater.

Jesus Christ is coming back a second time and the Bible says it will be like a thief in the night. He is coming when a person least expects it. Are you ready? Are your bags packed, life right? Begin placing your faith, trust in Him today and not the weather or anything of this world. Jesus Christ clearly died for the sins of the world, place your faith in Him today for the forgiveness of your sins if you have never done so. Begin living a life of victory in Him! Praise God for His Grace that Saves!


JC's said...

Thanks Ryan I will post this on my blog!

Pastor R C said...

Cousin it gets you to thinking! If it is in Scripture lets go with it, if not forget it and don't believe it.

I cannot believe how famous this "Global Warming" theory is making Al Gore these day. God said all of this about the weather along time ago and He didn't call it Global Warming.