Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Should Elders/Pastors be Disqualified by Unbelieving Children?

There is an excellent series being written over at the Expository Thoughts blog called "Children who Believe". Matt Waymeyer is doing a great job of working through the texts and being faithful to the exposition of the scripture. I like very much the Pastoral approach and clear and concise way that Matt is presenting his argument. I believe this is a subject that every Pastor should have reconciled before entering ministry, - if you have never done an exposition of this, I can't commend to you enough to read and think through Matt's work.

"First Timothy 3:4-5 indicates that the fatherÂ’s faithfulness in the home is a testing ground for how faithful he will be in managing the flock at large. Two fathers could be equally faithful in their parenting, and yet one might have a son who is elect and the other a son who is not. In this case, the second father would be disqualified even though he was no less faithful and capable than the first father."

"Children who Believe" in Titus 1:6 (Part 1)
"Children who Believe" in Titus 1:6 (Part 2)
"Children who Believe" in Titus 1:6 (Part 3)

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