Thursday, March 1, 2007

Coffee, It Is Not Always Consumed Properly

On the lighter side of things:

I was reminded of something this morning as I was listening to a CD of Phil Johnson questioning John MacArthur on the dangers of the Emerging Church. As I looked at the CD cover I noticed that it had a stain of coffee on it.

I cannot tell you how many of my study books and Bibles have coffee stains on them. There are some other things I have dumped coffee on in the past that I won't get into. A few years ago when I lived in Wichita, KS I went to see RC Sproul speak at a church that was nearby. I only had his endorsed Geneva Study Bible Study for a few hours and you guessed it, I ended up spilling coffee on it. Now, each time I pull the Bible off the shelf I am reminded of what happened to it. It is a constant challenge for me not to spill coffee on books, or Bibles that is why I don't have coffee around my desk as much anymore.

Why am I telling you this deep secret? I don't know exactly, but I do wonder if there is someone else out there in cyberspace with similar issues? I guess we could say the moral of this story is to be careful with coffee and hot things or to please the Emergents, "However you like to drink your coffee is fine, some may like it hot, some may like it cold or some may even like it lukewarm. Just know that there is more than one way to drink your coffee and be liked as you are doing it." Jokingly so we can all be accepted, "Lord help us if we say that there is only one way to drink coffee."

Thanks for continually reading Truth or Consequences!

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