Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Purpose Driven Church Splits?

Once again, the secular media has missed the mark in their reporting about Rick Warren. ABC News Nightline interviewed Warren on March 7 and kept only to the surface when addressing the reasons some Christians are concerned about Warren's teachings (Rick Warren and Purpose-Driven Strife).

While the report said that "Warren's 'outside in' approach to church growth is now causing rumblings," it only touched on some of the symptoms of Warren's theology, such as "Madison Avenue" marketing approaches and loud music that catered more to young people and disregarded older members.

The article did not mention things like Rick Warren's goal to bring about a new reformation that includes all religions, his continued promotion and embracing of contemplative spirituality and the emerging church, his dominionist views as well as his disregard for biblical prophecy, the cruel treatment by Purpose Driven pastors towards those who do not go along with the program, and his connections to and influence by New Age sympathizers like Ken Blanchard and Robert Schuller.

The article stated: "When asked if he [Warren] thinks that some of these [church]splits are actually because Christians themselves are indulgent and refusing to change, Warren said, "Oh, without a doubt." And when asked if he blames them, he replied, "I do blame them. Every church has to make the decision. ... Is it going to live for itself, or is it going to live for the world that Jesus died for?" (Watch this video where Rick Warren says this.)

Once again, Rick Warren has publicly denounced those who resist him.

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