Thursday, March 1, 2007

Book Review: Chosen For Life: A Case for Divine Election

Book Review: Chosen For Life: A Case for Divine Election
By Sam Storms
Reviewed by: David A. Thommen

Sam Storms has done the Christian community and incredible service with this publication of Chosen for Life: A Case for Divine Election. This is a revised and expanded version of an earlier publication he did in 1987. I will use Sam Storms own words here to give a brief summation of what he hopes this volume will accomplish. “I hope this book will go a long way in dispelling such unkind and terribly misleading caricatures of what people really believe” (p. 21).

He has accomplished his task with great clarity, precision, fairness, and charity that should accompany theological discussions between fellow Christians. I say this because much of what passes for “theological discussion” is simply a batting back and forth of caricatures of theological convictions. Not so in Storms book. He, being a Calvinist and one who holds to the Reformed view of predestination, when dealing with opposing positions pictures them fairly, accurately, and avoids straw man arguments.

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