Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Shepherds' Conference

Let me say this is the best conference that I have ever been to. This will be my third year and not my last one, Lord willing! What a line up of speakers! Could it get any better? I do have to say that I am a bit disappointed that John Piper will not be able to speak this year at Shepherds' but I understand why. If an earthly father is about ready to face death any son/daughter needs to be there. Maybe RC Sproul will be called at the last minute, now that would be something, really something. Men, if you can ever go to this conference in the future, go! I think there may be a womens branch starting up also if I am not mistaken.

I hope you keep up with the conference through Tim Challies blog. He has some great things to say about the conference on his blog this morning and will be live blogging once again on the internet this year.

I am excited to leave soon for Los Angeles CA this morning. I look forward to the weather, probably a good 30-45 degrees warmer; I anxiously await the conference starting tomorrow and being around 4000 other pastor brothers and male leaders in churches all around the globe. It is a sight my friends. My first year I met a man from India. Pastors all over the world come to prepare themselves to give out spiritual food from the Bible to a hungry flock and a community in which they live and minister.

I will however miss my family, church family and a dear pastor/brother/friend that I have grown to love and appreciate, Pastor Justice. He will, bottom line, go to the conference next year!

It was God who called me to this fine state of Iowa. I understand that God has brought me and my family here to minister to the people of Calvary Baptist Church and the community of Clinton, Iowa. It doesn't matter how cold the weather gets in Iowa, I am there to shepherd and minister in love to this great flock.

Keep up with the conference this week will you? Stop what you are doing once in a while throughout the week and pray for your pastor if he is going, pray for the speakers, the conference in its entirety; that it will bring glory, honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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