Friday, March 23, 2007

Churches are Bailing out of Preaching/Teaching Biblical Doctrine

It is no surprise to me that basic biblical doctrine is being forsaken in churches today. As a Southern Baptist, I am concerned that many churches in our denomination are pushing aside basic doctrine. Any time you have a denomination like the SBC at 16.3 million it's not a shock that a healthy diet of doctrine is being overlooked and put on the shelf. We will give SBC churches the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps some of them are presently preaching/teaching doctrine. I hope you will agree with me that our Baptist churches and other denominations need to hear preaching/teaching of biblical doctrine; for instance doctrines like the Word of God (All Scripture is God-breathed), God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit (Trinity), God's Great Salvation (Election, Justification), The Christian Life (Sanctification), The Church (Living Organism-Redeemed of All the Ages), God's Final Victory (End Times). Remember these are fundamental truths that Baptists have always stood for. So, what are we to do? Remember our rich heritage and teach the way these great ones did in the past. Baptists in history have always felt like doctrine is important; men like CH Spurgeon, and William Carey to name a couple. Take heart, continue teaching/preaching and uplifting these great doctrines in your ministry. If you are a person that is attending a church where doctrine is not being preached/taught faithfully from the Bible begin thinking about leaving and going someplace that does lift it up to the glory of God. The book of Hebrews points to the fact of leaving elementary truths behind and to begin chewing on some meat and growing in your salvation; just like a cow chewing its cud all day long. We need solid truth for the sheep in the pew to chew on in our churches and that means that great doctrine needs to be expounded from the Bible. We need Men of God today who will stand up in the pulpit and boldly and unashamedly proclaim the entire Word of God, which includes sound doctrine.

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