Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Richness of Sound, Theological Music

Steve Camp said, "Following are lyrics to a song, "My Sins, My Sins, My Savior", that I wrote for the "Desiring God" album a few years ago. I hope they will encourage you to keep the main thing, the main thing in ministry; and not to venture off into the fantasies of genome doctrine and a biological view of explaining and understanding the temptations and struggles of mankind with sin. The Scriptures are sufficient for all things pertaining to life and godliness beloved... I am a great sinner; but He is a greater Savior. Amen?"

My Sins My Sins, My Savior By Steve Camp

"My sins, my sins, my Saviour! They daily battle me, Deaf and dumb Thy servant is, save only Christ to Thee; In Thee is all forgiveness, fully free abundant grace,I find my hope and refuge, in Thine unchanging face My sins, my sins, my Saviour! How great on Thee they fall;Seen through Thy patient mercy, I ought forsake them all; Their penalty's forgiven; yet their power suffers me Their shame and guilt and anguish, they laid, my Lord, on Thee My sins, my sins, my Saviour! What cost to Thee ensuedThy heel bruised in temptation, no Devil could subdue Thou wrestled in the garden; and prayed the Cup would passThy sanguine sweat, Thou trembled yet, embraced His will at lastMy sins, my sins, my Saviour! Thou perfect Sacrifice Drained wrath's chalice to the dregs; Thy Father satisfied.O Holy Lamb of Glory, High Priest, Lord God and King We worship Thee with reverence, Thy matchless Name we sing My songs, my songs, my Saviour! No grandeur theme shall know They'll trumpet of Thy glory, to wretched man below; Thy righteousness, Thy favor, stream from Thy throne above Sustain the hearts my Saviour that Thou hast lavished with Thy love"

(You can download this song from the AudienceONE website at our online store or listen to it on today's blogcast as well.)

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