Monday, March 5, 2007

How Important is Truth?

How important is truth? A recent Christian radio broadcast highlighted the faith of our soldiers in Iraq. God is certainly doing a work in the hearts of many and believers everywhere ought to be encouraged by that reality. At the same time, the individual chronicling their faith stated approvingly that they are not interested in doctrine but simply in what works.

An example was offered regarding a marine who would not go into battle unless a particular woman blessed his humvee because every one she had blessed had made it through. The host quipped that such a thing would cause a Baptist preacher’s head to spin as she was Roman Catholic and the young man was Baptist. The implication was that religious ritual that worked was the really important thing and not truth. Not only were doctrinal distinctives regarding the issue of salvation swept away, but priest craft and superstition were inserted. Did she have a line to God he did not have? Was it the touch of her hand and the utterance of her blessing that was effectual? Does anyone really want to go into battle with superstition as one’s only hope of survival in the here and now much less in eternity? Indeed, how important is truth?

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HT: Dr. Paul Dean

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