Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Arminian Theology

It is something to me that Jacob Arminius and John Calvin used to agree somewhat in their theology. What happened? I recall studying this in my Baptist History class in seminary. These studies come from the booklet Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine by H. Wayne House. These are meant to teach historical facts about different theological systems. I am sad to say that I was in this theological camp in my teenage years. It only makes one fearful of the great salvation that God has given to them. It is difficult to declare sweet victory in Jesus and be wrapped up in this theological system.

Arminian Theology

Theology-Arminian theology is concerned to preserve the justice (fairness) of God. How could a just God hold individuals responsible for obedience to commands they are powerless to obey. Emphasizes divine foreknowledge, human responsibility and free will, and universal (common) enabling grace.

God-God is sovereign but has chosen to grant free will to human beings.

Salvation-God predestined to salvation those who foreknew would repent and believe (conditional election). Christ suffered for the sins of all mankind, thus the atonement is unlimited. Salvation can be lost by a believer, and so one must strive not to fall and be lost. Christ did not pay the penalty for our sins, for if he had, then all would be saved. Rather, Christ suffered for our sins so the Father can forgive those who repent and believe. Christ’s death was an example of the penalty of sin and the cost of forgiveness.

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