Friday, July 21, 2006

You Are What You Eat

Deeper Truths of the Bible

As I look at the condition of the church today and the beliefs that seem to be prevalent, it makes me think that my outlook is flawed. I heard a speaker at a conference say that we needed a new reformation and that the present day church was not much different from the church at the time Luther was a monk struggling over his own salvation.

We think that the pastor of the church needs to have a good education and learn theology and doctrine so that he will know how to teach and prepare sermons. This is true, but, by itself is flawed thinking. It seems to let the common churchgoers off the hook. As I observe people in the church and give counsel, I realize that all Christians should be actively laboring in the word to learn “the deep truths” and make them a practical reality.

In that context we have to ask, is there such a thing as “deeper truths”?

After carefully thinking through that, I have to say that there really is not any deeper truths. There are only biblical truths, doctrine and theology, which all Christians should know and live by in faith. Now you might think that I am being harsh or even legalistic but this is not the first time this has been a problem in the church. Paul in Romans and in 1Cor. repeats the phrase “do you not know”. It seems that he expected the Christians of his time to know understand and apply the so-called “deeper truths”.

Theology and doctrine are practical and necessary for day-to-day living. It is important for maintaining biblical relationships, between Christian brethren and tells us how to deal with a perverse and crooked generation, in a lost world. The church as a whole has gotten lazy in our approach to the Bible. The effect of that is a man-centered gospel. After all that we seem to get surprised when the SBC or our churches seem to be adopting an Arminian view. We should be thankful it's not worse. It is time that we all got serious about our doctrine and theology! It is time that the common churchgoers study and Pastors start expecting that from their congregation.

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Anonymous said...

Good thoughts Chris and so true we need more in the church studying the Word of God besides the pastor.