Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dispensationalism VS Covenant Theology - Part 2

This post is connected to Part 1 above - as a number for number point for point comparison.

1. May be Arminian or modified Calvinist. Almost never 5-point Calvinist.
2. Stresses 'literal' interpretation of the Bible.
3. Usually does not accept the idea of the 'Analogy of Faith.'
4. 'Israel' always means only the literal, physical descendants of Jacob.
5. 'Israel of God' in Gal. 6:16 means physical Israel alone.
6. God has 2 peoples with 2 separate destinies: Israel (earthly) and the Church (heavenly).
7. The Church was born at Pentecost.
8. The Church was not prophesied as such in the O.T. but was a hidden mystery until the N.T.
9. All O.T. prophecies for 'Israel' are for literal Israel, not the Church.'
10. God's main purpose in history is literal Israel.
11. The Church is a parenthesis in God's program for the ages.
12. The main heir to Abraham's covenant was Isaac and literal Israel.
13. There was no eternal Covenant of Redemption within the Trinity.
14. There was no Covenant of Works with Adam in the Garden of Eden.
15. There was no Covenant of Grace concerning Adam.
16. Israel was rash to accept the Covenant at Mt. Sinai.
17. The 'New Covenant' of Jer. 31:31- 34 is only for literal Israel and is not the New Covenant of Lk.22:20.
18. God's program in history is mainly through separate dispensations.
19. Some Dispensationalists have said that O. T. sinners were saved by works.
20. Most Dispensationalists teach that men in the O.T. were saved by faith in a revelation peculiar to their dispensation, but this did not include faith in the Messiah as their sin-bearer.
21. The O.T. sacrifices were not recognized as the Gospel or types of the Messiah as sin-bearer, but only seen as such in retrospect.
22. The Holy Spirit indwells only believers in the dispensation of Grace, not O.T. and not after the Rapture.
23. Jesus.made an offer of the literal Kingdom to Israel; since Israel rejected it, it is postponed.
24. O.T. believers were not in Christ, not part of the Body or Bride of Christ.
25. The Law has been abolished.
26. O. T. laws are no longer in effect unless repeated in the N.T.
27. The Millenium is the Kingdom of God. Dispensationalists are always Pre-Millenial and usually Pre-Tribulational.
28. The O.T. animal sacrifices will be restored in the Millenium.
29. The Millenium will fulfill the Covenant to Abraham. Israel has a future.
30. David will sit on the Millenial throne in Jerusalem.

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