Monday, July 3, 2006

Watch Your Life Closely

Ministers of the gospel should delight in living for their Lord and Savior. The apostle Paul points to the importance of living a godly life before others. As pastor brothers in Jesus Christ we must continually offer up our lives as a sweet smelling aroma to Him. People in our churches are watching and counting on us to live above reproach.

The following sheet on godly living can be used for your personal devotion or for a study in your church. I received it from Dr. Akin and at Southeastern Seminary and wanted to pass it along for your study.

“God’s Guidelines for Godly Living”
(How to navigate the “gray areas” of life)
Paul’s Corinthian Principles
(1 Corinthians 6:12 – 11:1)
1. Will this action edify self? 6:12
Will it build me up?
Will it profit me?
Will it help me personally?
2. Will this action enslave my soul? 6:12
Can it bring me into emotional/psychological
(even chemical) bondage?
3. Will this action exalt the Savior? 6:13; 10:31
Can I glorify my Lord in this activity?
Will this action encourage other saints? 8:13
Is this a potential stumbling block to someone else?
4. Will this action evangelize sinners? 10:32-33
Will this help or harm my witness for Christ?
5. Will this action emulate my Savior? 11:1
Is this something I could see Jesus doing?
Keep in mind 4 foundational principles:
* wisdom * integrity
* witness * maturity
I pray that you will join me and committ yourself to daily living a godly life before others.

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