Sunday, July 30, 2006

Natural Theology

These studies come from the booklet Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine by H. Wayne House. This is defiantly an interesting theological system. Is the inerrant Word of God really that important to a person of this theological persuasion? It doesn’t appear to be that way. A person has a BIG problem when he or she tries to wiggle free from the truths and claims in the Bible.

Natural Theology

Definition- Natural theology is the attempt to attain an understanding of God and his relationship to the universe by means of rational reflection, without appealing to special revelation such as the self-revelation of God in Christ and in Scripture.

Epistemological Foundation-God is the eternal, unchanging, sovereign, holy, personal God, creator of the universe. He has everything in his control and through his eternal decrees from eternity has planned the future. It is done in such a way that he is not morally responsible for evil.

Relation to Revealed Theology-Natural theology deals with God’s existence and attributes from sources common to all men (creation, logical reasoning, etc.) whereas revealed theology deals with specific truth discerned from the Scripture. Natural theology requires reason alone whereas revealed theology requires also faith and the illumination of the Spirit.

Purpose of Natural Theology-Natural Theology can be used apologetically to prove the existence of God. It also supports revealed theology. If the conclusions of natural theology are accepted, then it would be “reasonable” also to accept revealed theological truth. Thus natural theology has an evangelistic purpose.

Possible Objection-1)Natural theology lacks a biblical basis. 2)Natural theology attempts to exempt reason from the effects of the fall and of depravity.

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