Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Forced to Go This Route

Since I now live in Iowa and we have no NFL Team, I have a few choices to make:

Forget the NFL and the overpaid cry babies and go strictly NCAA - I mean after all the Iowa Hawkeyes are a great team and College ball rules!

Continue rooting for my beloved Chargers even though I can never see them in person again without a plane flight. And, after all, I am from California so team loyalty always runs thin.

Or - Go for the Colts they are only four hours away and they are a good team - I really like Tony Dungy.

Or - Da'Bears - I like the Bears but ever since the 80's with the Fridge and Jim McMahon (honestly I just can't see me arguing for those two guys).

Decisions, Decisions, - Are you Ready for Some Football??


Anonymous said...

I do like what the Colts are doing.

Chris Hinton said...

Collage football????????
Is it something in the water out there?
What happened to you?
Please seek Professional help imedeatly!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree!