Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Forced to Go This Route

Since I now live in Iowa and we have no NFL Team, I have a few choices to make:

Forget the NFL and the overpaid cry babies and go strictly NCAA - I mean after all the Iowa Hawkeyes are a great team and College ball rules!

Continue rooting for my beloved Chargers even though I can never see them in person again without a plane flight. And, after all, I am from California so team loyalty always runs thin.

Or - Go for the Colts they are only four hours away and they are a good team - I really like Tony Dungy.

Or - Da'Bears - I like the Bears but ever since the 80's with the Fridge and Jim McMahon (honestly I just can't see me arguing for those two guys).

Decisions, Decisions, - Are you Ready for Some Football??


Pastor Ryan said...

I do like what the Colts are doing.

Chris Hinton said...

Collage football????????
Is it something in the water out there?
What happened to you?
Please seek Professional help imedeatly!!!

Pastor Ryan said...

I agree!