Sunday, September 10, 2006


I have to be completely honest! I used to never miss an opening kick-off to a Chiefs game growing up. I hate to say it, often times it meant missing church altogether. When God called me to be a Christian and later into the pastorate I knew that I had to lay all things down at His feet and that included football. I have simply accepted the fact that I am not going to watch many kick-offs of the Chiefs at noon on Sunday's and that is okay because God is the sole ruler of my life; not football or anything else. After all the score will still be the same at the end of the game whether I watch it or not.

But today because I have breath in my lungs and am alive in Christ; I can praise the wonderful name of Jesus and say the words GO CHIEFS BEAT THE BENGELS!


Justice said...

I think we have all been there in some way early in our christian lives. I would hope that as we grow in grace and knowledge it wouldlnt even be a hesitation to put God first in all things. Especially on Sunday's!

Anonymous said...

It was a sorry day for the Kansas City Chiefs, but praise God I don't base my life on football.

JC's said...

But you don't mean "Especially on Sunday's". I've always thought that everyday, God's first in all we do. There should be one day set aside a week. Does that mean it has to be on Sunday. Some of those football players and other people in general have to work on Sundays. Does that make them less holy.

I race on the weekends and work during the week and I for one know that I don't spend enough time with God and getting into his word but is there a certain time limit on how much time we spend.

I feel I am a great example of Christ's Love in all I do. The other cyclist call me "The Holy Roller"

Justice said...

Well JC I am speaking from a Pastor's perspective where Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It is the Lord's day where I get the opportunity to share with the congregaton all of the things God has shown me in study.

It does not make them less Holy for working on Sunday's, but I would hope that they would have a day that is set aside for corporate worship and family. I would also hope that they are active members in a congregation seeking to serve the flock.

Our vocation should never become more important then our pursuit and desire to spend time with God. Anything that makes time with God less important is an idol.

Anonymous said...

JC, who is my cousin and brother in Christ, I hear what you are saying. Keep strong in Jesus!

I agree with Nick, Sunday is the Lord's Day and we need to be in church for worship if we can to listen to God through the pastor.

The wonderful thing is if we know Christ as our Lord and Savior we are resting in Him each day and we can worship Him all the time. But one has to be careful or that can become an excuse to not go to church at all. There are many people that could go to church and do not.

The believer has to make a choice with whether or not to go to church on the Lord's Day and worship Him. We must lift Him up and not something else.

Let me say that I have to make worship on the Lord's Day a #1 priority in my life. For that reason I had to stop all conflicts with church.

If we do not worship God with our heart, soul and mind we have failed His dear name.

Bye the way your Bengels drilled my Chiefs yesterday.

JC's said...

I have learned that you need other followers of Christ to help strengthen, each other. To make each other stronger better men, more Christ like mindedness.

Every time I go to Church it is a Blessing and I know has helped me.

I would like to quit cycling all together but I feel God has given me a gift to help others come to know Christ in this sport.

I have everything going against me in this sport and I am holding myself back, or sometimes I feel it is satan holding me back.

On my blog I have made a commitment to God, saying that I will try to get rid of my sinful eating habits by getting into the word more or I won't race again.

So I feel I am giving up my possessions like racing and eating so that I use the gifts he has given me to 100% or not at 60%.

The only way for me to make my goals is through Him. I feel I am on the right track and will be a test in front of my sponsored teammates giving up something I Love for Someone I Love Better. Jesus Christ!

I once had a guy ask me how did you beat those 6 Pros at that race 4 months ago? I asked what race was that? When I knew what race he was talking about I told him with no hesitation" Jesus Christ was pedaling I was along for the ride!"
He didn't say anything after that until I asked him how he did in his race that day.

Anonymous said...


God has called His children to different things. Some to the pastorate or mission work in which extreme sports like your cycling are involved or simple a 9-5 job someplace. But our light for Christ can shine wherever we are.

Notice this order-#1-He is worthy of our worship and praise by attending church. #2-Lost people need to see us worshipping Him and they need to be evangelized and have the opportunity to be saved.

What you do with your life and how you live it is between you and the Lord; you should not make anyone make you feel guilty for what you feel like God wants you to do.

Always put God before anything though and that includes cycling or whatever.

JC's said...

Sometimes I feel guilty when I have fun winning and when I here others how much I wear my heart on my sleve. I still have my ups and downs of keeping balance with God, Family, Friends, and Cycling.

I guess all of us sometimes feel that way in somethings we do.

Thanks Ryan
Love Ya Cousin

P.S. My Redskins lost too.