Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sermon Cloud -- Sermons, Shirts, - What More Could You Ask For?

Get your Sermon Cloud tshirt today!

Sermon Cloud shirts are now available. The goal is for people to see the back and go ?????? and ask a question which can be led to evangelism. All orders will include (1) definitions of the words and (2) a connection that leads to the gospel/evangelism.

Sermon Cloud is a site that provides "advanced sermon syndication." "Sermon Cloud is a website for a community to interact with sermons. What are the powerful sermons people are listening to? Who are the up-and-coming preachers of the day? Where are the messages about themes that you need to hear? How can you find a great preacher in your home town? Sermon Cloud was designed to help you with all of these questions. Sermon Cloud users help let each other know which sermons they amen. An 'amen' is a recommendation of the sermon. Users can post comments about their interaction with these sermons (even the comments can be designated as helpful or unhelpful)." As sermons are recommended, they become apparent to a wider audience, thus suggesting that better sermons will be heard by more people. Obviously the usefulness of the site depends, in large part, to the quality of the sermons. To this point it appears that many of the pastors are engaged in biblical preaching. But certainly having more preachers who deliberately and humbly exposit the Scriptures would increase the value of the site.

HT: Tim Challies


Anonymous said...

These are good looking T-shirts I may have to look into them. I like the theological words on them; so many Christian shirts are copying off the word it seems nowdays unlike these.

Justice said...

I ordered one, Im interested to see the material that comes with them as well. The shirts are supposed to be good for witnessing. If you click to their site you will get a better look at all the words.

JC's said...

T-shirts say alot!

I have a T-shirt you might Love.

he shirt is all Black, and on the front top of the shirt is a small white cross 1.5 to 2.5 inches in width and length.

Under the cross in white BOLD PRINT it says:


Colossians 2:13-15

All print is in white with the "Jesus Beat the Devil" part 1 inch thick typed and then under it in smaller print "With two sticks"

I have had alot of people stare at this shirt but no one has come up too me yet.

Awesome shirt leaves them speechless and some with a big smile on there face!

Anonymous said...

I have heard of the saying on this shirt, I would like to see it.

Great statement and how true! Jesus did beat the devil with 2 sticks.