Saturday, October 14, 2006

If You Don't Stand for Something You Will Fall for Anything

The Northbrook Conference is going on today in Cedar Rapids Iowa, it is being led by Jim Hamilton of whom I have the utmost respect. His teaching and insight is always thorough and complete. If you are interested, the conference is being live blogged at Coffee Swirls. This conference is about the health of the church and the building of the church body. Below is an excerpt that I think is pertinent today in thinking about the need and importance of church discipline.

Church discipline is not easy. It is divisive and can be downright messy. But we are commanded to do this. The Bible is serious in regards to sin while the world is not.
What do we risk if we do not practice church discipline?

1. We risk the lives of people who God will strike dead for their sin.
2. We risk defaming the testimony of the church in the community.
3. We risk failing to fulfill the Great Commission, which is to make disciples.
4. We risk diminishing the church'’s nearness to God, the presence of His spirit and we thwart the church'’s ability to worship.
5. We risk giving false assurance of salvation to people who may not be believers at all.
6. We risk standing before God to give an account for souls that we did not shepherd well.
7. We risk having our work consumed as wood, hay and stubble.
8. We risk Jesus saying to us, “Depart from me.” If we are not willing to do the command of Jesus, we may not be building at all, let alone be building with combustible materials.

Jim also has a highly recommended book out right now called God's Indwelling Presence, this is a great book worth your time.

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