Friday, October 6, 2006

John MacArthur - BANNED IN THE USA

Banned books celebrated in Farmington and many libraries nationwide
By Andrea Koskey The Daily Times

FARMINGTON — Mary Greenwood, 75, scanned the adult literature at the Farmington Public Library on Monday before choosing Mary Higgins Clark's "Two Little Girls in Blue" and John MacArthur's "Safe in The Arms of God."
Both books were on a shelf tagged with a yellow caution marker that read, "Caution. Item(s) on this shelf have been BANNED or CHALLENGED at other libraries. It's Your FREADOM We Are Talking About."

"I think it should be up to the person to read what they want," Greenwood said. "I have read some books with bad language, but I think they are going to extreme."

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting for MacArthur's book to be on the list. I wonder why exactly?

I have to be honest the term "Age of Accountability" has always bothered me because it is not found in the Bible.

I see where MacArthur and others are coming from with the idea of children being safe not saved.

I mean really who really to think that their infant dead child is burning in hell.

The Puritians however felt that only the elect children are the ones who go to heaven. They imply that if that is not the case than the abortionist are babies best friends. Interesting point they make!