Friday, October 6, 2006

What's an Amish Funeral?

No Flowers or Eulogies at Amish Funerals

By T.W. Burger
Religion News Service

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The bodies of the dead will be dressed by family members in white, almost the only time people of the Amish faith wear anything other than dark tones.

Plain pine coffins will be placed in a room in their family homes, from which all furniture and decorations have been stripped. Viewings will be held at least a day before the funeral.

The mothers will wear black for a year. The men will wear white shirts instead of their usual solid-colored ones.

The funerals will be in two parts -- first, small morning services at the homes and then, later in the morning, larger services in a home or a barn officiated by two or three ministers.

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Anonymous said...

I think that people have really learned alot from the Amish as a result of these unfortunate murders.

It was of interest to me that authorities offered to fly the Amish families to the hospital when the murders happened, but they declined because Amish don't fly in airplanes.

The Amish parents of the murder victims went to the murderers family and invited them to the funeral, which was a moving thought to me. Also, there was total forgiveness on part of the Amish families.

I wish more believers in Jesus Christ would not have such an issue with the lack of forgiveness. Not having a forgiving spirit only leads to years of bitterness.